Accumulus Capital builds multi-manager hedge fund portfolios both in a digestable Fund of Funds format, and on a tailored basis for Accredited and Qualified consulting clients.


By pooling assets across a variety of different managers, strategies, and styles, Accumulus achieves minimum investment thresholds, manager access, and risk mitigation that helps to provide both manager and investment style diversification. But more importantly, the justification for investing in multi-manager alternative portfolios goes beyond simple diversification benefits.  It is our expectation that through research, due diligence, and adroit manager and strategy selection, it is possible to build a portfolio of above average managers that will over time outperform both traditional equity and fixed income markets as well as the major hedge fund indices.  We believe that this is possible on both a risk-adjusted and absolute basis.


In manager selection, we search for managers that are independent, focused, hard-working, and of the highest integrity. Managers we invest with should thoroughly reject index-investment thinking and focus on concentrated opportunities, but do so in a risk-conscious manner at the same time. We generally try to avoid larger funds that may potentially lose portfolio management flexibility from security-level liquidity issues, and we generally also avoid directional and systematic strategy styles.  We  desire instead strong relative value and hard-catalyst managers who are also transparent and approachable.  These managers must have a clear, repeatable, and easily definable strategy edge to their market approach. Accumulus offices are on-the ground in New York — central to the pulse of the hedge fund industry — and we make constant trips to Europe and Asia each year for further manager due diligence purposes.  Our current clients are located around the globe.


Accumulus also believes in low competitive fees, reasonable liquidity terms, and full portfolio transparency for our investors.  We believe that we have enough of an incentive to see our assets under management grow from performance delivered to investors, and do not charge an added incentive fee. Fees are negotiable by mandate depending upon whether Accumulus is running a fully discretionary portfolio on behalf of a client or simply acting in an advisory capacity.